Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

Initiative for the Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment (Collaboration Type)

Institutional Enhancement by Improved Existing Approaches

Assignment of Research Support Staff

In FY2017, we began offering support to facilitate both research and life events when researchers who belong to the University find it difficult to set aside time for research due to pregnancy, childcare, nursing care, and other demands on their time by assigning research support staff to work for those researchers and assist with research tasks.


Childcare during School Holidays (Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks)

We’ve opened childcare centers (“Kids’ Clubs”) in Higashi-Hiroshima (at the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus) and in Hiroshima (at the Kasumi Campus) during the elementary school holidays (spring, summer, and winter breaks) so that employees of Hiroshima University can balance their work and home responsibilities. Outsourced to a local business and staffed by instructors (employees of that business) and student supporters (students of Hiroshima University’s teaching training course and others who are employed by the local business), the centers also serve as a place of learning for Hiroshima University students.

≪Summer Childcare≫
Hands-on learning outdoors
(catching crayfish)
  ≪Winter Childcare≫
Hands-on learning outdoors
(making shimenawa ropes)
夏の学童保育   冬の学童保育


Subsidies to Offset Post-Sickness Childcare Costs

In the event that a child (younger than six years old, or who turned six before March 31 of the current fiscal year) of a Hiroshima University faculty staff member must use a post-sickness childcare facility due to the difficulty of participating in group childcare while recovering from illness or injury, this program provides a subsidy to offset the cost of such use.

Under this program, the University provides a subsidy equal to the amount in excess of two-thirds of the fee for each use (rounding down to the nearest 10 yen) or 1,000 yen, whichever is less. Faculty members are eligible to receive this subsidy up to 16 times a year.

Exemption of the Admission Fees for the Doctoral Program

The University provides financial support for women with a master’s degree who are not currently conducting research but who wish to resume their research at the University by exempting them from the enrollment fee when they take and pass the entrance examination for one of its doctoral programs.


Awareness-Raising Activities

The program seeks to raise awareness by holding a wide range of training sessions, symposia, and other events, including for collaborating organizations and members of the Industry-Academia-Government Council on Promoting Diversity.



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