Call for Applications the Micron Awards 2021 [Application Closed]

*We have added languages which you can use to prepare your application documents from (1) to (3) under Section 5. (Changes made on May 7, 2021)
*We have added a phrase “(not obliged to repay)” regarding Application Eligibility under Section 4 (3)(d). (Changes made on May 31, 2021)

Micron Awards 2021

– Scholarship for Female Students of Master’s and Doctoral Courses
from the Science and Technology Fields at Hiroshima University –

Women’s Research Activities Committee

1. Objectives
While we have seen an increase in participation of females in the workforce, the number of successful female researchers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields remains low as of today. Therefore, the Women’s Research Activities Committee is offering a scholarship to female researchers who are highly motivated to be successful in the science and technology fields, in order to encourage their aspirations and hopes for their future. By utilizing the funds donated from the Micron Technology Foundation Inc., this scholarship will be given to female graduate students from the science and technology fields at Hiroshima University.

2. Application Category, Expected Number of Awardees and Scholarship Amount per Awardee

Application Category Master’s (M) Doctoral (D)
Expected No. of Awardees Two Four
Scholarship Amount
per Awardee
JPY600,000 JPY1,200,000

3. Eligible Research Fields
This scholarship is restricted to the research fields listed in the “Review Section Table” attached in the Appended Table.

4. Application Eligibility
Applicants have to satisfy either (1) or (2), in addition to satisfying (3) of the following criteria:
(1) Application Category – Master’s
Is a female student who is enrolled in a Master’s course at Hiroshima University as of April 2021, is planning to continue onto a Doctoral course at Hiroshima University after the completion of their Master’s course in either FY2022 or FY2023, resides in Japan, and is currently in Japan at the time of application.
(2) Application Category – Doctoral
Is a female student who is enrolled in a Doctoral course at Hiroshima University as of April 2021, resides in Japan, and is currently in Japan at the time of application.
(3) Does NOT fall under any of the following (a) to (f):
 (a) Is employed/working at an organization at the time of application and receiving salary, fees, rewards or any other income.
 (b) Is appointed as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Research Fellow at the time of application.
 (c) Is sponsored by a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship at the time of application.
 (d) Is financially supported through scholarships/grants, etc. (not obliged to repay), by her home country at the time of application.
 (e) Is receiving funds through the Hiroshima University Graduate School Research Fellowship at the time of application.
 (f) Is receiving/has received a scholarship/s from other organizations, etc., which prohibits the recipient to receive this and other scholarships/grants etc., from any other parties, during the scholarship period.

5. Application Method
Please fill in the necessary information in the following two WORD files, save them as a PDF and submit them within Microsoft Forms, as specified below within (3). (Please fill in the documents either in Japanese or English.)
(1) Application Sheet A: Template attached within Appendix 1.
(2) Application Form B: Application Document for JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (FY2022) (p.3-9) *only available in Japanese.
(3) Application Submission via Microsoft Forms: Please submit your completed application by accessing the below Microsoft Forms link, fill in the required information, and upload your completed Application Sheet A and Application Form B accordingly.
    Application Submission

6. Application Deadline
     June 14 (Mon), 2021 at 11:59 a.m. *Application Closed.

7. Selection and Notification of Successful Candidates
(1) Selection method: Selected by the Women’s Research Activities Committee
(2) Selection results: The results are planned to be announced to all candidates in early August, 2021.

8. Awarding of Scholarship
(1) Successful candidates will be awarded the scholarship at the Award Ceremony/Symposium, which is expected to be held in September 2021,
via an online or hybrid format.
(2) The scholarship fund is expected to be fully transferred to the awardee’s bank account in September 2021.
(Please note that the awardee’s bank account must have been opened within Japan, i.e. opened at the headquarters or branch of the bank, which is located within Japan. The account holder must be the awardee herself.)

9. Inquiries
Office of Career Advancement Project for Women Researchers (CAPWR)
Planning Group, Department of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration,
Office of Research and Academia-Government-Community Collaboration
Phone: 082-424-5697, 082-424-5289, 082-424-5722 (Ext.: Higashi-Hiroshima 5697,5289,5722)

10. Other Points to Note
(1) As described in Section 5(2), you are required to submit Application Form B using JSPS’s DC application template for the purposes of our screening process, but it does not mean that you will have applied to the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize this template to also apply for the above JSPS Research Fellowship.
(2) Please refer to the following site to find more details about the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD, DC2, DC1).
(The application deadline for the FY2021 JSPS Research Fellowship is June 10 (Thu), 2021 at 17:00.)